We aim to strengthen our community by connecting our neighbors to share resources. We’re not a charity, but rather a group who bands together to help and empower one another. We stand for economic and social justice, ensuring that the needs of our community are met. Our motto is “solidarity, not charity,” which means we stand as a collective community. We see each other as equals and know everyone needs help at some point. Our members who are able to provide help don’t do so for publicity or tax deductions, but out of a moral conviction to assist our neighbors. In rural areas such as northeast Arkansas, a sense of community can be difficult to attain as many of us are spread out. It is particularly difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic, with social distancing and quarantine. Therefore, we use technology to set up a network of members throughout areas of northeast Arkansas who can make requests and offer services, and provide opportunities to volunteer and organize. Furthermore, we are a non-partisan and democratically managed group. We welcome anyone who believes every human has value and dignity. Read our Principles for Praxis for more information on our core values.